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Here's what the experts think

"This is a very handy tool for those just starting their journey with automation. Tools can be explored by use case which is a novel approach, and with [over 800] data points in total, this is the most detailed product I've come across for evaluating the different tools side by side."

Andrew Davison

Founder of Luhhu

"This Airtable base gives a comprehensive overview of the no-code automation space and has enabled me to more quickly decide which tool/s is best fit for me."

Max Haining

Founder of 100 Days of No-code

"Do more faster. Have a comprehensive understanding of automation tools and choose the right solution for your company. Great product!

Felix Wong

Founder of Venturelist

Choose the right tool

When deciding which software to purchase for your team or project, it's important to pick the right tool for the right job. A screwdriver ain't a hammer (we've tried). We've meticulously compared the 10 best no-code automation tools across 800+ datapoints and wrote a comprehensive guide with top picks for 10 common use-cases. We've made it almost impossible to choose the wrong tool.

Save time on gathering data

Your time is extremely valuable. It takes many hours to sift through all the data for all the different tools you could use. And not all the important information can be found the web. With our database and guide, you'll be better informed than almost anyone and can make your decision in a matter of minutes. Less time choosing means more time building!

Save money with the right subscription tier

Don't pay more than you have to! Automation tools offer different tiers for different needs, we help you find the best deal for you. Even a few dollars every month can add up to a large amount over time. By investing once upfront in our guide, we're confident you can save a lot of money over the long haul.

What kinds of data did we collect?


Although hard to define, this indicates the workload of the different tools. For example the total times automations can run every month, or the amount of cells that can be updated in a database.

Number of flows

What is the limit of the amount of different automations you can create in one account (not how many automations you can run or how often)


How much money is invested in the company/tool. Indicator of trust in the future and thus sustainability of the tool.


With how many apps the tool is integrated (e.g. google sheets, gmail, airtable). Only current, fully working integrations have been included in these numbers, not "beta" or "coming soon".

Trigger types

General kinds of ways automations can start or run. For example every x minutes, only whenever a certain button is pressed on a website, or perform transformations on a whole database at once.

Update time

The minimum amount of time the service will take to check if a flow should run.

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800+ data points of which some can not be found online

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